Pharmacy services refer to the services provided by pharmacies to help patients manage their medication therapy. These services include dispensing medications, providing medication counseling, and performing medication therapy management. Pharmacy services also include compounding medications, filling prescriptions, and providing medication-related education to patients.

Pharmacy services play a critical role in healthcare, as pharmacists are often the last healthcare professionals to interact with patients before they take their medication. By providing medication counseling and education, pharmacists can help patients better understand how to take their medications and avoid medication errors, which can have serious health consequences.

Dangers of Self-medication

It's always safe to follow prescribed treatment over self-medication. Potential dangers occuring from self-medication include polypharmacy toxicity, adverse drug interactions, medications abuse or unnecessary dependence, misdiagnosis and inappropriate choice of treatment. Why risk your life when you have qualified experts just round the corner?

Role of Pharmacists

Pharmacists's job is to mostly see people when they are sick, having a cold or cough, need a refill on that asthma inhaler, ensure the right life-saving medicines reach the in-patients or even sometimes when someone has just run out of baby food. Whatever may be the case, these helpful people at the pharmacy are able to assist people all over the world to feel better, even though they mostly only see them at their worst. We take pride in our pharmacists who make a positive difference to patients' lives every single day. They are our trusted guide who helps us get the best from our medicines and treatment prescribed by doctors to stay healthy. Thanks to all the amazing pharmacists world over for their unwavering contribution towards the health sector and who have been frontline warriors and such an integral part in fighting covid19. We specially thank our pharmacy teams who provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines to our patients, all year round.

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