What is Audiometry and Tympanometry ?

Audiometry and tympanometry are both diagnostic tests used to assess the hearing function and health of the ear. They provide valuable information about the sensitivity of a person's hearing and the condition of the middle ear.

How it is done ?

During an audiometry test:

What does audiometry helps to detect ?

Audiometry helps diagnose different types of hearing loss, such as conductive, sensorineural, or mixed hearing loss. It also provides information about the extent of hearing loss and helps determine appropriate interventions, such as hearing aids or medical treatment.

Here are some of the conditions and issues that audiometry can help detect:

Audiometry is a versatile tool that provides critical information for diagnosing, managing, and treating various hearing-related conditions. It allows healthcare professionals to develop personalized interventions and recommendations to improve a person's overall auditory health and quality of life.

How it is done ?

During a tympanometry test:

What does Tympanometry helps to detect ?

Here are some of the conditions and issues that tympanometry can help detect:

Tympanometry is a valuable tool for assessing middle ear function and identifying various conditions that can impact hearing and ear health. It is often used in combination with other diagnostic tests, such as audiometry, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a person's auditory system.

Tympanometry helps detect conditions such as:

Audiometry and tympanometry are valuable tools in diagnosing and managing hearing and ear-related issues. They provide essential information for healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding treatment and interventions to improve hearing and ear health.

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